Not Halloween

Prepping for The Day of the Dead – at first glance like Halloween, but way more focused and rooted in reality; skulls and bones everywhere, celebrating a compulsory postmortem society that’s hardly a secret.

(Photos are from Guanajuarta and Dolores Hildalgo, Mexico.)

San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)

Although San Miguel’s decades-old Idyllic reputation lags the current realities of traffic, tourists, and expats, the magnetism is still there.

Small Clubs, Local Bands

Small clubs are not just smaller than large music venues, they’re more intimate; the small club vibe drives a different experience for everyone – fans,  bands, staff, photographers….

Recently I went to Jammin Java in Fairfax, VA, for my first time.  It’s located in a shopping mall, but the interior is elsewhere; a cool surprise.   Three local bands that I like were all playing (something else I like about small clubs!):

Dub City Renegades: