The Archives at The Howard

In the run-up to their album release next month, The Archives opened for Ziggy Marley last night at historic Howard Theatre.   Although I had been there for Chuck Brown’s viewing, this was the first time I’ve really shot there – great venue for musicians, fans, and photographers (!).

The Archives at The Howard Theatre - opening for Ziggy Marley

Ras Puma and Mateo Monk of The Archives - at the Howard Theatre

A couple of more photos are here (see also their band portrait).

Band Portrait: The Archives

The Archives is an old-school, serious Reggae band with an album that will be released soon by ESL Music.

Good band portraits are as varied as other types of photography – there are no hard and fast rules (as Jay Dickman often says, “It depends!”).  I think this one works reasonably well because the band looks interesting and serious, and the background has character but isn’t distracting or modern.   The color version was good, but black and white is more old-school.