Chuck Brown, R.I.P IV (Tribute)

One last Chuck Brown R.I.P. post….  Chuck had been scheduled to appear at The Hamilton on 6 June with the Brass A Holics, a New Orleans band that has incorporated Go-Go into their own style.

Brass A Holics - Chuck Brown Tribute

Alas, he couldn’t be there, so they were joined instead by Chuck’s daughter and co-performer KK (“Chuck baby don’t give a fuck”) and Sugar Bear (of E.U. fame) in a full-up Go-Go tribute to Chuck.

Brass A Holics - Chuck Brown Tribute

With the slide show I had produced for the viewing projected behind the stage, there were eery moments when it almost felt like he was present.

Chuck and KK - Brass A Holics - Chuck Brown Tribute


Sugar Bear with the Brass A Holics - Chuck Brown Tribute

Finally, my favorite personal memory of Chuck Brown:

Chuck Brown with John Shore at DC Star

KK and Sugar Bear - Brass A Holics - Chuck Brown Tribute

[A few more images from the tribute performance are available here.   See also Chuck Brown, R.I.P. III]

Cyrus Chestnut Quartet

Cyrus Chestnut was at The Hamilton last week.   His virtuosity was captivating, and I loved the show.  But I found it hard to shoot in comparison to the rock/funk/reggae/go-go/DJ shows I’m used to.   Although of course there are exceptions all around, I think that in general jazz is harder to shoot – there’s less visual drama,  and the emotional moments are  more subtle.Cyrus Chestnut Quartet - The Hamiltion

Cyrus Chestnut Quartet - The Hamiltion

The Hamilton

Recently, I shot for the first time at The Hamilton, a new restaurant and separate live music venue in downtown, Washington, DC.(near the White House).   Food is also served in the music venue, which features table service, a balcony with a bar, a small dance floor, great sound, great lighting, and great sight lines.  It’s elegant space, right down to the walls, all covered with amazing, large black and white music photographs; it could be a gallery exhibit.


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