Guanajuato (Mexico)

Somewhat analogous to our Lexington and Concord, Guanajuato was the the site of the first battle of the Mexican War of Independence.   Served by a unique subterranean road network,  Guanajuarto today is a vibrant commercial, academic, and artistic city.  It’s the home of one of the most important artistic and cultural events in Mexico and Latin America – the annual Festival Internacional Cervantino, which began 60  years ago with street performances of short plays by Cervantes.

The Mercardo Hildago – a large, enclosed, central market with all the essentials:

Not Halloween

Prepping for The Day of the Dead – at first glance like Halloween, but way more focused and rooted in reality; skulls and bones everywhere, celebrating a compulsory postmortem society that’s hardly a secret.

(Photos are from Guanajuarta and Dolores Hildalgo, Mexico.)