MedStar Community Health

I recently finished a cool project shooting documentary stills for the “MedStar Health 2012 Report to the Community” – a report that Vanguard Communications is producing for MedStar Health, a non-profit healthcare company that owns hospitals in Maryland and the Washington, DC, region.   MedStar also supports numerous community healthcare clinics and outreach programs, and each year they highlight some of them in an annual report to the community.

The 2012 report will cover ten remarkably-diverse programs, including nutrition for diabetes prevention, fitness, pre-school vision screening, elementary school sex education, health screening for seniors, home nursing visits for cardiac patients, stroke recovery, stopping smoking, and others.

I really enjoyed this project.  The programs are all needed, interesting, effective, and inspiring.  Everyone involved was terrific.  As you might imagine, some of the programs led themselves more-naturally to documentary stills than others.   From that viewpoint, my favorites included “documentary friendly” programs like the pre-school vision screening:

20121126_js_0772-d-s1-c 20121126_js_0271-d-s1-c

Another documentary-friendly favorite was the home nursing visits for cardiac patients:



Others were more challenging, including fitness:

20121207_js_0662-d-s1-c 20121207_js_0629-d-s1-c

elementary school sex-education:



health screening for seniors:

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital - Hampden Family Center

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital - Hampden Family Center

stopping smoking:



and nutrition education for diabetes prevention:

20121203_js_0358-d-s1-c 20121203_js_0219-d-s1-c

I won’t bore you with all of them, but I’ll post again when the report comes out.