Kids Do Liven Things Up…

Sometimes an informal music shoot turns into a kids shoot.  These are from a birthday party for local (Washington, DC) musician Tom Brunnel – basically a party with his musician friends and other friends.  Fun!

Sunwolf at the American Ice Company; Tom Brunnel's birthday party20121201_js_0726-d-s120121201_js_0730-d-s120121201_js_0763-d-s120121201_js_0748-d-s1


Small Clubs, Local Bands – II

Speaking of local bands playing in small clubs, this is Sunwolf at DC’s Black Cat:

Sunwolf at the Black Cat

Sunwolf at the Black Cat

One photo-op that comes with shooting at small clubs is that you can sometimes catch the band warming up in a back alley….

Sunwolf at the Black Cat